Friday, January 4, 2008

really good intentions

I have meant to sit down and post something more than a few times in the last few weeks.

Something always seems to come up.

Christmas was magical - it was really good. The house has been chaos on and off for the last few weeks... before Christmas it was cleaning and organizing and getting things right, and then after it was trying to clean up needles and take down our tree, and find new homes for all our cool loot.

Then came NYE. A hot water valve went in one bathroom, and the next day a cold water pipe burst in the wall in our kitchen. Needless to say, you have no idea how much water you use until your direct access to it is cut. Nothing like almost being in tears when your water is back on and you can flush the toilet again....

Brandon has also been cutting some teeth and it seems that since we got off pretty easy with the last few teeth, the teething with this go around has sucked. To top it off, we are all sick in the house. I am used to not getting a good night's sleep, but between the teething and this shitty cold/cough we all have, sleep has been in fits and starts, and I am like a zombie during the day - definitely not flying at my normal self. Getting back to work yesterday was almost a relief, but today I am going to try to get him a doc's appointment, so it is not going to be a full day. It is one thing when I am sick (or when Ken is sick) but it is different when it is your kid - they are so small, and you are so aware of what they are or are not eating. Brandon is still taking lots of fluids, his appetite sucks, his mood is pretty good, but he is definitely clingy. We were up last night so many times I think I just resigned myself to the fact that tonight Ken and I would switch off and I would attempt to grab a good night's sleep. Hopefully it is just a nasty cold and not something worse for our little guy.

It has not all been colds, lack of water, and Christmas celebrations. The time off from work was great. It helped me realize the low level stress of changing jobs and getting used to the new personalities, and just being back at work and having Brandon in daycare. We also went to the island, and got to spend a great day with Brandon - playing tourists and eating seafood, visiting some old friends, and hooking up with family. We really needed a quiet getaway, and the saturday was all ours. We found a cabin in the woods to stay in, and it was perfect. Just what we needed - it even included a horse drawn carriage ride!

I haven't been able to reach out and get in contact with a few people I have meant too. With Brandon (and the rest of us) being sick, and then having no water for a few days, and then all the holiday events, good intentions went down the drain. I meant to do the penguin plunge and was all excited to start up that tradition again, but that got shelved as Ken got to learn rudimentary plumbing with my dad. I did manage to have a helluva great conversation with Nej (which, thank you for bringing it up too, we both know we loiter on each other's blogs to reach out and touch fingers when life doesn't always give us the chance to call, etc) and those good intentions have had me trying to give her another call.. and that hasn't happened. I want to hook up with Betty too. Damn if that is impossible to organize this week. And some calls too. Maybe this weekend for catch ups???

So this has become a great big ramble. Thank gawd for coffee, it is fueling this morning for me. And TGIF, even though it is a really short week, I am grateful it is friday. I am dreaming of a beach holiday (who knows what will transpire) because it is a good distraction. I could ramble on and on and on and on... but alas. I should get some work done.

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