Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I have been a big sickie.

I am really glad that this month of January is just about ready to come to a close.

We’ve all been sick. I don’t think I have been this sick in YEARS. Brandon has also been cutting his last teeth, so we have had a few dodgy days where I wasn’t sure if we were coming or going, or what was up.

I think everything came to a head last weekend. Friday was the shits. Brandon was really upset with the teething, and I left him too long in a wet nappy (that went over well… NOT) and once I changed him I had a whole new, happy baby. I was also feeling terrible; I have an ear infection, fighting a cold and flu, and have felt miserable. To top it off, I got to do 5 presentations this week and travel between locations not at the top of my game – half the time I could barely hear myself speak! Once I made the official decision I wasn’t going anywhere on Friday night, Brandon promptly puked all over me. Front and back. In to the shower we went. Then he would only catnap for about 20 minutes at a time, sending my stress levels up higher and higher, wondering about whether or not I needed to take Brandon in to the hospital to be checked out. I went through my mental checklist, and figured it was a combination of a nasty cold (which we all have) and teething, gave him some Tylenol, and crossed my fingers.

Then, miraculously he slept. Saturday morning looked far different than Friday, and by the time that Monday rolled around, we had a great day. It made up for the rest of the days. Sunday we cleaned the house, so I didn’t have to rush around like a mad woman making things right, we hung out, and Brandon had a proper nap, we got out for a walk, and just enjoyed each other. It was so different than how the weekend started out.

Today I was on the road again to another location, and it went well. Lots of presentations, lots of talking and drop in appointments, which is good. I went to massage therapy, and it was great, but must have released a lot of toxins and crap back in to my system because I was heading south pretty quickly when I got home. I needed a hot bath (I was feeling chilled) and time to head off to bed. I haven’t been up past 9pm for the last days. It makes me feel lame. I haven’t even been reading before bed, and my appetite has been terrible – true signs that I have been crook.

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Refinnej said...

Oy. As much as I missed you on that Friday, it's obvious you needed to stay home. ((Hugs)) and get well vibes, woman!

BTW, I am back in town in a mere few weeks....woo!