Sunday, December 9, 2007


I am starting to get the urge to take up knitting again.

I was at a Christmas shindig (it was billed as a party, but it didn't quite fit the party bill to my way of thinking) tonight, and got to speak to someone who works in a yarn shop. We talked textures, projects, and colours, and she showed me this beautiful shawl she had knitted over several years. I divulged that there is one sweater that I truly covet, and that eventually I will break and pay a lot of money for 100% wool to make the sweater right, since it will be a work of art (IMHO), take a long time to knit up, and I will own the rest of my life (if my wool sweaters I bought in Ireland in 1995 are any measure of just how long a well made wool sweater will last).

In the meantime, I am getting back to hats, and scarves, and I see a new baby blanket in my future as a dear friend announced a new bubs for next spring. I am halfway through a smaller project, and it has been great to just kick back and watch something take shape beneath my hands. I find it amazing what a long piece of string can become! Of course, nothing more colourful than a string of curses after you make (and find) a mistake.. or something just doesn't look right.

Aside from my knitting urge, got the lights up today. We have pretty much switched to LEDs (I think it will take years to actually accumulate a decent amount of lights, those damn lights are expensive!!!!). They look cool. I am glad that they are done. I came to realize that I just want things to be a lot more normal this year for Christmas than they were last year. Last year was crazy and so unexpected how things worked out (all for the best, but still scary as hell to go through, especially with the unknowns) and I just want to be able to do my baking, and my shopping, and put up my tree and enjoy it for a few days rather than wonder how can the days pass by so fast and hoping that my little guy was okay.

Looking at him now, you would never know what we went through. He is amazing. We are incredibly lucky in so many ways. I guess that is yet another reason why I think I seem to peer out from my rose tinted glasses... even when life is really shitty, you take a moment to consider it from another pov and you realize that things aren't so bad and you have what counts (your health, a roof over your heads, some food in the cupboards, and you are loved).

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