Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Damn violas.

Those damn violas show up everywhere. You think you have an epiphany, and well, viola. Tee hee. Betty, you are a rock star, even if you have the blahs. You too Nej. Maybe some of my extra cheer will go and bite you in the ass. Who knows, stranger things have been known to happen???!!! You movers to a new host site. Perhaps one day I too will take that leap.

I bake. Therefore I am.

Kazzicus Domesticus seems to be striking with a vengeance this year. I am even somewhat coping with the interruptions as it seems that once I am up to here in flour, that is when Brandon decides to prematurely wake up from his nap... got some shortbread done, shit droppings (err, oatmeal delights, they just don't look nearly as good as they taste, also called haystacks), a chocolate/peanut butter/marshmellow square (really easy, as easy as rice crispy squares and as addictive)... tonight I am making the dough to chill for ginger bread cookies (for the daycare party) and then sugar cookies too. My butter tarts were almost a bust (fit for hubby but not for guests, a little well done), and the mincemeat tarts are in the freezer. All in all, my manic burst of baking activity for the year is almost done.

I have the urge to buy peppermint schnapps.

The lights on our tree randomly flash. It is mesmerizing. I could lose days with a slack jaw, staring at my tree. Wait, I think I did that earlier...

I broke our vacuum cleaner, so there are needles everywhere. Tomorrow I use our old shop vac and make it right again.

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Betty said...

Tee hee. Never fight the urge to buy peppermint schnapps...