Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Damn popcorn makers

I lurve popcorn.

In our old house, we have some electrical issues. About a year ago, my old popcorn maker seemed to be on the fritz and just wasn't popping the corn like it should.

Then I got a new one for a pressie (I think Ken was tired of my whining and came off as a superstar since popcorn should be its own food group as far as I am concerned).

Well, the new one has never been perfect. Some days it pops like it should. Other days, it takes about 10 minutes to make a bowl. Saturday night I was ready to finally watch the latest HP, plugged in the maker in a different outlet (to see if that made a difference to its popping abilities) and let'er rip.

About 2 minutes in it made a horrendous screech and sounded like popcorn was banging around inside the motor.

The maker is in recycling. I have no idea if they will take the damn thing. I am done with it.

I went old school. Oil in the pot, a little shaking, a little butter, and viola. Best bowl of popcorn I have had in a long time. Screw hot air popcorn, and the microwave kind?? Not happening. I am going to kick it old school and stick to the stove top version. It isn't like I am eating it every second night.

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Betty said...

Tell me again how the viola fits into this popcorn making business?

Yeah, I'm like that right now. Sorry. I should have stopped myself. Didn't wanna.