Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Those are the breaks?

Just over six weeks in to 2016, and it is amazing how every semester start up really and truly is a blur of about for weeks, and then a slow recovery. I can't say that I have a lot of answers on how to make it easier. For me, so much depends on what happens with my coworkers, and it seems, who is off at any given time so I have to absorb their work. It seems my kids don't know how to walk up stairs, or how to brush their teeth at night, or finish their nightly ablutions without supervision. I think it was Superbowl Sunday.. but we warned the kids about being wankers on the stairs... and it ended up C sliding down the stairs in to B's leg and causing some pain. Speed forward about 10 days... and the pain the leg wasn't going away, and it was more than just high muscle tone from a growth spurt. I decided it was time to see our physio and get her opinion.. and well, she sent us in the get it checked. I think I knew at that point.. but the second opinion helped. Several hours at the hospital later, and B has a fracture in his fibula and a half cast that he will need to wear for a few weeks. I can't quite say I feel guilty - I don't think I would have done anything differently. I guess after so many falls, this wasn't quite how I expected a break to happen - I guess this falls under the "preventable" category and how as a mom.. you feel like a nag, especially about the same things all the time (don't fight on the stairs, eat your breakfast, put on your shoes..." These are the rhythms of life right now. So... We now have crutches, and can retire the Yoda Stick. For now. I am sorting out my response, and well, life moves on. As they say, them are the breaks. On a different note, I had hoped to make myself some green socks before St. Patrick's Day.. and they are done! Next up, a pair for my coz. I am looking forward to getting away in March. I can't believe our 10th anniversary is coming up. I am hoping we can hit a beach or somewhere and take some family photos with our wedding dud's on ... 10 years, white hairs, and two kids later!!!

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