Saturday, February 13, 2016

Running to the edge...

I will admit it, I wasn't sure. One of my favourite librarians recommended it.. and well... she was right.  We are trading titles right now, and keeping the pages turning. This is set somewhere in the future, after the Earth has been badly damaged, and it appears that highly gifted teenagers are  put through a series of nearly impossible tests to seek out desirable traits and resilience that is perceived to be needed to help humanity continue and likely rebuild civilization in a new manner.  Of course, you don't know who to trust outside of the "gladers" and once things start to happen, the known world starts to unravel pretty quickly. A version of a bunch of folks in a stopped elevator - who crumbles, what traits are desirable, who can work together, and who comes out as a leader.

Not really what I expected, and it is quite good.  Strange how it seems so much YA stuff is about growing up, and having to change the world since the previous order has been toppled or has failed.  This is a pretty quick read, and I finished my stack of books and I am waiting for more to come in.  So, on to book two in this series I will go.

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