Thursday, February 25, 2016

It looks like a new author I am slowly reading their canon of...

I am surprised by how enjoyable I am finding these books. They are well written, I am enjoying the characters, and I like the blend between the past and the future. Kearsley's older books seem to blend the details differently than her current novels, and I like them both.

This winter it seems the perfect combination has been some YA, some mystery, and then some historical almost romance thrown in for good measure.  A good foil for an intense period of time at work!

This was a different side of WWII.  It is amazing how many different stories there are to be told. I didn't realize that the British intelligence hired Canadians because they were subjects of her Majesty! Nor that there was a Camp X in Ontario to assist in training such folk. I couldn't imagine not reading, and being able to learning new things.

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