Sunday, February 7, 2016

Tried and true.

I like Connelly's writing and I have missed his character, Harry Bosch.  I have been reading these on and off now for years... and they are great.  Well crafted, well plotted, and I care about the characters.  It seems like I have been on a bit of a mystery kick lately - I am not sure if it is the time of the year (seems to me I read more of these at this time of the year than other times) or just what happens to have come up from my hold list, but this was a deeply satisfying book.  When I turned the last page.. it made me really hope and want to search out interviews to make sure that there will be more Bosch to come.  Dammit all for making our favourite characters properly age and mature through their books.

Now on to something completely different. I figure I have read so many of those angst filled YA series (Hunger Games, The Dark Materials, Twilight, Divergent, etc) it is time to crack and read the Maze Runner. January felt like a long month. It is hard to believe we are in to February now. We have been pretty lucky with such a mild winter. That being said, when we have a break in the rain, I love getting outdoors.

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