Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mirror, mirror, what do you see?

I am really not sure whether or not I truly liked this book.  It was a book that would catch my attention and I would read a bunch of pages, and then I would stall out, and feel lost, and wonder whether or not I should finish it.

I have read some book reviews that consider this a modern fairy tale adaption of Snow White, and of her mirror, mirror on the wall that declares her to the fairest of them all.  Even as I type this, I think that this would be an amazing book to discuss and dissect in a literature class. It will be interesting to see what my bookclub friends thought of this, or what they got out of it.

It is interesting to note Boy, Snow, and Bird as different elements of Woman (in an interview Oyeyemi discusses her affection for Hecate and the symbolism/transitions of women as maiden, mother, and crone which I also find fascinating).  How each doesn't see parts of themselves, and what they choose to reveal to others and sometimes miss.  It is interesting how the male characters fade in this book, as does colour, and ultimately even gender in some regards.  It is a fascinating book, and one that would like get richer with further lively discussion.  As I mentioned, at times, I felt like this was a good to "get through" and at times I was utterly fascinated.

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