Friday, June 19, 2015

Does this count as a guilty pleasure?

This has been the year that I have joined the masses for some big name TV series that have nothing to do with reality TV.

In March, I finally caved in to my curiosity and I started watching Game of Thrones.. first episode, bloody and confusing with all the characters, second episode, things are starting to come together.. by the end of that first season, I was hooked.

Again, thank you local library for having all of the DVDs. It takes me about 5-6 weeks to watch a season (10 episodes).  I am currently just starting Season 4.  They are awesome. I  have been shocked, awed, appalled, thrilled, fist pumping, jaw hanging open, and scrambling to check the clock to see if I can watch another episode before bed. They have been great. Game of Thrones has made up for some of the average books I have read this year and have lead the creation of a few pairs of socks while I sit on the couch and be entertained.

The other great series I have enjoyed is Outlander.  They are doing a good job of it, and I admire the courage of the actors for some of the scenes that they have had to portray.  I hope this also becomes a series on TV that continues on and one... there are at least 8 books to go from... and this is also truly entertaining.  Again, these led to my knitting habit and some beautiful works.

These have been good for my soul.  Very entertaining.  My DH calls it sex and violence.. which it can be... but the stories have been good to.  A bit unreal at times the body counts...

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