Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Almost forty and two.

Even if this blog has evolved in to tracking knitting projects and the books that I have been reading, it is nice to have some kind of personal record as to where my head space was at a particular moment in time.  I have always made a point of trying to do a few entries around New Years, and of course, around my birthday.  I am hoping that this weekend we can at least make it out to White Rock.  The beach is calling my name, and I would love a plate of greasy fish and chips with my toes in the sand. Fingers crossed that this is what comes to be.

Another year has slipped by.  I look at runkeeper (an app where I track my walks) and you can tell where work, and therefore my life took a turn last year and got stupid busy. I pretty much stopped walking, and if I step on our Wii Fit board.. you can watch my weight slowly creep up during that period as well.  This April was a bit of a turning point - our trip to the island was amazing, and good for all of us. It was also a good mental reboot for me. Work is still demanding, but it isn't the brutal place I was in a year ago. We have transitioned to our new schools and daycares, and both boys seem to be doing better every day.  Kindergarten is such a transition year - a relief for the break in daycare fees from full-time care, but lots of learning and adjustments.  Not easy. At least the scale this morning finally went in the right direction. Proper portion sizes and getting enough exercise for me is tricky.I hope to continue on a slightly healthier path moving forwards.  Having both kids in so many sports helps to motivate me too - I need to catch up and I don't want to be looked upon as that mom that has let herself go while her kids are doing amazing physical things.

I will likely return and add more to this, when I have another moment.

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