Sunday, March 1, 2015

End of the latest Roberts trilogy...

It is a returning theme in my life to jest that it is either Friday or Monday… and it never seems to be any of the days in between because time seems to move so quickly.

I am glad that I borrowed all three books at the same time, and could get through them pretty much in one go.  It would irk me waiting for each one to come out since it is easy to drop the thread as you get distracted from other business.

With the first two books, I was really feeling like I had read this trilogy under a different title - having read so many NR books (and she is able to crank out so many a year) there is a bit of a feeling to her books.  I do like the themes, I like the characters, and as I have mentioned, they are feel good novels that resolve with happy endings.  Some times we all need to read a happy ending and enjoy the escape these kinds of novels bring.

Likely I should have tried to summarize this novel before I was distracted by life and a few more books that I have read since finishing this one and working a little magic of my own with the published dates of these blog entries.  I like the magical element, it does bring the book to a climax, I thought it may have involve the abby in the finale (and it didn't) and all sorts out as it should.  Was it an amazing book? Nope, but it was enjoyable, especially when you have an idea of what you are signing up for. There are always some great moments, and this book reminded that I would like to travel to Ireland again one day - I want to knit myself an Irish sweater (and maybe order a new one and get it shipped - one of the 2 I bought in 1995 finally gave up the ghost and I had to throw it out - it got full of holes, quickly, it was heart breaking.. the two sweaters I bought in Ireland were the most money I think I had ever spend on myself for clothes… I still don't spend a lot… although am more willing to spend more for an article of clothing that is meant to last… considering I got almost 20 years out of my $100 sweater, pretty sweet.  The other one is still going strong… although as mentioned, I would like another one since I have had this one for a few years, go figure). There was also lots of mentions of good food, good beer, and good times in the kitchen.

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