Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The middle novel.

A fast speedy read, and oddly enough, I chose to review this one after book 3 (yes, revisionist history with my dates to keep the books I have read in chronological order on my blog).

I am sitting here staring at this white space trying to think of something profound to say about this novel, and failing.  These books are good at the end of the day, but they don't always strike deep.  They are truly more escapist, and about the happy ending more than me learning something new (whether or not it is about myself).

I could blame the music in the background - I am going to watch Episode 6 of the first season of Game of Thrones when I finish this… which is a little more provocative than this series is… What I could say is that it feels like I am shifting in to a different head space again - a little more clear, a little  more able to think and be in the moment than the past few years.  It has been stressful.  Lots of learning, and lots of worrying.  Lots of personal growth.  I think this is the part of my life where I have become a woman, and a mom.  Not just a worker, transitioning in to more of a leadership role and being comfortable in it. At times, I wish for perhaps a little more advise, or words spoken, or more time to reflect.. which given how many more words I am blogging in 2015, may be a sign that I am starting to take that reflection time a little more seriously. So, the series, yah, interesting enough.  Still makes me want to go Ireland, go to the pub with my man, hoist a guinness, go for a horseback ride, maybe falcon, immerse myself in fields of green and misty showers.

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