Sunday, February 22, 2015

Yet another take on the "other" voice

Another completely different book. I do believe that sometimes the right books fall in to our lap at the right time.

This novel has a pretty good twist in it, so I won't give a lot of the plot details just because it is nice to be surprised when it comes.

I really enjoyed this book.  This is book that proclaims to start in the middle, uses a fair bit of psychology and remembered truths, and weaves in and out of past, present, and future.

Since I am presenting to B's class about what it is like to have CP, it is interesting to read these two books back to back.  Especially since both deal a fair bit of personality traits, and a fair bit of same and other.  It also makes me appreciate that in life you can never read enough, or ask enough questions.  Having an open, curious mind is one of the best qualities any of us can have.  Well worth a read, a completely different kind of book.  I had meant to write this entry with the book in hand so I could add in some quotes, but alas, life moves on.

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