Thursday, September 5, 2013

Harry's back (Bosch that is)

I did make the comment that reading Gone Girl really was just cracking the door open to read a bunch of cop thrillers again right?

It was nice to visit an old literary friend again.  I think the Harry Bosch series and the Inspector Banks series are my favourite serial crime novels.  The characters, the pacing, the overall I have returned to again and again and never been disappointed by what I have read.

Harry is now chasing open unsolved cases and this book took him back to his own past to a case that he touched during the LA riots in 1992.  Very interesting book, very interesting how it all came together.  The end came together quickly, and left a few questions overall in the rush.  Reading this, and seeing how Connelly is developing the character of Bosch's daughter makes me wonder if the torch is going to shift in the coming years.

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