Thursday, September 5, 2013

First week of school flu

Our household has had it's butt kicked in the last week by an early season flu.

I walked in to daycare one day last week to pick up my oldest, and I checked out one of his buddies, stretched out on the couch, flushed, glassy-eyed, obviously feverish, and I thought to myself "we are screwed".  Being away for just over three weeks, new germs, kids almost ready to go to school... I just had a feeling.  Especially when the next day, another one of his buddies had the same look, and ended up with strep.  Fast forward to the weekend, and our wee man goes down with a fever.  Sticks around a day or two, passes quickly.  He doesn't complain much, but isn't exactly behaving like his usual self either.  I must admit, I was pretty grateful it was a long weekend since we would not have been able to drop the kids off at daycare with a fever.  Today, he fell asleep on the couch before 6pm and I am hoping he sleeps through until tomorrow morning.

Then my hubby goes down.  Obviously feeling like crap, he misses work Tuesday.  

I whine my way through Tuesday - I have a headache and everything aches.  I felt like an old woman and just chalked it up, well to just being tired, not even thinking that I could also be getting sick.  At the end of the day, I get the call that Brandon has a fever, and a headache as well.  

Wednesday was a write off.  We totally had the flu.  I was hot, I was cold.  My head hurt, my body hurt, even my teeth hurt.  I think I started feeling better in time to make dinner.  No wait, I think I skipped this part yesterday.  B's fever was coming and going ... I think we drained the hot water tank a few times with alternating showers to help us feel better... and then this morning, 6am, no more fever.  I thought, yay, I will be able to make work tomorrow!  We did a cheap gas and dairy run, we had a tree taken down in our yard, and his fever returned.  After a 2 day fever, it was time to head in to a clinic.  

Confirmed, flu.  A real flu is kind of nasty.  At it's worst, it makes you feel pretty pathetic.  Everything hurts, your temperature fluctuates, you just don't feel good.  Then the advil kicks in and you feel better until it wears off, and the fever kicks back in again.  So, we are home tomorrow.  First week of September I have had off in 15 years excluding my mat leaves.  Strange feeling.

So, B is on the mend.  Fingers crossed, the fever is gone by tomorrow.  First week of grade 2 and he spent 1 hour there.  He gets to go to the office on Monday to find out who his teacher is.  How surreal. 
I am thinking we will be getting flu shots again this year if this is how the school year is starting.

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