Monday, August 26, 2013

A summer read

How can my summer vacation be over?

Where did August go? It seems it was just a few weeks ago that B was turning 7 and we were looking ahead at a few camping trips.  It seemed that it would never get dark at night, and the mornings were bright from 4am.  Now it is dark at 6am, and the sun is going down at 8:15pm.  Fall is rapidly approaching.

Since I really should be chasing my kids, feeding them, and getting out of the house in a timely manner, I will keep this one short.

I figured since my last book counts as a thriller, it was time to jump back in to some less "literary" choices and go back to read some thriller/action books I have been stacking on my table for when the right mood hit.

This delivered a fast paced, action driven book.  I can't say it was over the top intellectual, but it was entertaining in the same way that reading a Nora Roberts book is.  The story is well crafted, Reacher is an interesting character, the good guys win and he hits the road again.  You kind of know what to expect, and there is worth in it.   Some days, that is just perfect.  Much like when summer is wrapping up, your mind is distracted with school starting again, and your errand list seems to be a mile long.  A light, entertaining novel is the perfect antidote!

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