Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Light and Floofy

Yes, Floofy is a word. I have read so many of Roberts books over the years, that there is a certain level of comfort in picking one up. With few exceptions you know you will get a decent story, a little bit of the mistical, and a few twists. Robert's books are not bit L literature, and they are good at what they are - very much escapist novels that deliver a happy ending.

So, this was a quick, somewhat entertaining, and predictable read. Kind of what I think I needed at this point. I am definitely ready to move on to something with a little bit more meat in it. Our book club is reading a second book by the woman who wrote Sarah's Key... and I haven't found the motivation to pick it up. It may be that I admit in BC that it just wasn't happening for me and I got distracted by other stories.

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