Thursday, July 29, 2010

more of that random stuff

Well, another week has come and gone and I can't believe how fast the days slip by in the normal grind.. er... routine of the day to day.

It is Thursday again, and my house looks like it exploded.

Dishes are mostly clean, most of the clothes are in the laundry bin, but, it is just a bit of scattered stuff about the house.

Last night I faded about 7pm... all the energy I thought I possessed evacuated me, and once the kids were in bed.. I quickly headed there myself. Oh - I am so exciting! 10 o'clock is the new midnight.. I have been lucky to read about 20-30 pages a night of a book, and I have a knitting project on the go that seems to keep stalling out.

I am enjoying work though - nice to be getting in to the swing of things. I like my new office, it is just awesome not having to share. I like being back on campus, I like that Brandon lurves his preschool and that Connor is settling in. Seems like the boys have been going through their summer growth spurt - at least an inch for both of them. This weekend we are heading to the island - my cousin is getting married and then the boys and I are going to stay on the island for some beach time and time hanging out with my Aunt and my cousins.. I cant' wait.

I figure I am taking the first two weeks of August off to cover my home daycare's vacation.. and the weather has finally improved.. I can't wait to go to the beach - Parksville, Nanaimo, Denman Island, White Rock.... gets lots of sun and time close to the water. Ken is flying back from the island on Monday and I think he is gleeful about the prospect of a mini-vacation from the lot of us. Seems like a win-win. I will spend 4 days on the beach and then come home.. and he gets to play x-box and be the king of the castle for a few days..

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