Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hump Day

Three days in to this new routine and I am doing okay. Aside from a slightly emotional moment on Monday morning when I had to give Connor to Ken to take him to daycare... I have been fine. Okay.. maybe another moment dropping Brandon off at preschool.. but who is counting???

Monday, I felt like a scatter-brain. Shared drive? Jabber? Appendix 3's? What is this strange language you are speaking to me and expect me to understand?

Tuesday, well, after a lengthy catch-up meeting I slowly began to feel the shimmer of work-type intelligence start to sparkle again.

This morning? Well, it is starting to feel like I never left as I am getting familiar with all the old programs. Getting authority back for some programs has been an issue, but so far so good.

Once again, I begin my tenure at work with some records management. I have a great new office space, but of course, the last person left two full drawers in the cabinet... from 1997! It never ceases to amaze me that many folks don't rock the boat. So, considering those two drawers didn't make the afternoon, and I reorientated all the office furniture by lunch time.. what does that say to me? I feel badly for the person who left the office because the way they had things organized there was no room - now it is a spacious great office.... I could easily make myself at home here for a while! I am slowly bringing me here - printed out some pictures, brought in some of Brandon's art work.. looking like my space. People are stopping by and are surprised at the difference in the office since the furniture started to shift...

As far as I am concerned, if I am at work for 7 hours, 12 minutes (36 hour week... gotta love those extra minutes they squeezed out of last round of bargaining) I am going to make my space as palatable as possible.

I also have a beef with Mother Nature. It has been a terrible spring weather wise. No sooner do I get back to work than the heat wave starts. I need an office fan.

It still feels like a novelty being here, and I miss the boys in the morning when I have to leave them and when I get back in to the car... it is a huge shift for me. It really helps that I feel good about where they spend their days - I have always said that is what lets me do what I need to do during the day.

Speaking of which.. there goes my lunch hour! Back to it...

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