Tuesday, December 15, 2009

On the path to being somewhat organized

After the chaos of the last few Christmas' ... this year is starting to feel almost tranquil!

Damn, it is tempting to list off what I have done so far!! I just finished WH. It was a good book, in a way, and I am sure that you could publish theses on it in either psychology or English. What a sad, melancholy, strange book. Yea, interesting, lots of symbolism, lots to dwell upon and reflect on what means what, and what exactly are shadows of the author herself. Reminds me of my old Eng Lit days, reading books and searching for hidden meanings so I could pontificate upon and sound like I actually knew what I was talking about.

Out tree is up, we ended up picking up the first one we looked at. I still made Ken and the boys wait while I looked at a few others, just to be sure, but we have a magical tree and it was pretty reasonably priced too. The great snow of late 2009 didn't happen. Things were looking pretty white about 7pm last night, but things rapidly turned to rain by 9pm. Although the white stuff is nice on weekends, I am glad that we have not seen a repeat of last year. There are limits to how much snow we need down here on the coast.

It's strange, it feels like I have a few moments today. The last few weeks have been busy - amazing how much preparation goes in to celebrating the holidays! It's also felt satisfying to get to all the bits and pieces in the weeks before instead of the hours and days before things are to be together. It's nice not being in a panic, there is something to be said about being organized. Yet another difference that evolves when you have two kids... you have to be more organized, and take advantage of the quiet times. I just seem to be better able to pull everything together now than I was 3 years ago.

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