Thursday, December 17, 2009

A different thought

So, I have been contemplating Christmas Cards.

I have usually sent them out, and last year was the first year I had truly missed sending out cards in a long, long time. I felt bad about it too, but it just wasn't happening last year. We didn't get a lot of the cards last year, and some folks are moving to a mass email-letter, and some folks are moving to a donation and an email. It's all good, it is the thought that counts. I think it is important to reach out to people at this time of the year, touch base, see what is up.

I think I will always send out some kind of card, whether it be a picture, or a computer generated card with pictures in it... but I don't think I will do the mass send out like I did this year. In some ways, I half view this year as an experiment, see how many Christmas cards we get and go from there next year. There are some folks you just send them too and don't expect one in return (like your 94 year old gram) but some folks ... well... you start to wonder whether or not those relations who never send you one still need to get one.

I have an address list I keep, and track who I am sending them too, it does help year to year, but I am not sure what I am going to do next year. Do I want to send out a lot of cards and only get a handful? Or, do I send the cards out to the people I really want to and say screw the rest?! Time will tell - I guess what somewhat holds me back from not sending out cards is that I love getting them. I think they brighten up the year, knowing you are remembered. Like my philosophy with the lights, it doesn't matter how sophisticated they are put up - we are bringing light to the darkest time of the year and I can appreciate that.

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