Thursday, January 1, 2015

Penguin Plunge 2015!

I must admit to a little humming and hawing, but I took a good look around this morning, and I realized that conditions were perfect. It was time to do a polar bear swim again.  A few degrees about zero, pretty much sunny skies, and a morning with no agenda.  Of course, the decision was made a little late which ruled out White Rock (they run in the water at high noon)... so Port Moody it was!

It was great.  I wore my Team Canada jersey and the helmet hat that I have in... wore my flip flops and brought along my pink robe (it is all about the robe when you get out of the water).   My boys hung out around the bonfire, and waited for me after the run down the boat ramp, the plunge, and then the swagger back.  I got a new pin! I think there was only one year I didn't get a pin.. I am starting to get a collection now (3 from English Bay, 2 from Deep Cove, and 2 from Port Moody)... I think that since 2000 we have done it 8 times??? I think I will be resurrecting this practice..  It did feel like I washed away 2014, and it was a great way to face this new year.  That being said, I have learned that drinking many year old sambucca that was in a  stainless steel flask that sealed shut from the sugar likely isn't the best call.  Next year I will purchase some fireball for this purpose, and we will try out somewhere new, just to keep it interesting.

Cheers to a New Year, hopefully some new experiences, and some great times with friends and family, and maybe even paying attention to my physical health again!!!

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