Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cranky old ladies

Maybe if I hadn't read about that crazy old Swedish guy that climbed out of his window and left the old folks home.. this would have been a little more of an  unique read.

It was slightly entertaining... a good way to pass a few hours.  What it did bring to mind is that I have read a few books in the last year that are trying to redefine aging in a sense.  What does it mean to be "old"? Especially in terms of how we treat and view our old folks.  It raises some interesting questions about aging, our old folks homes, why they tend to get fed bland foods, and other assumptions that get made about our white haired population.

It is intriguing. I had one gramma that was old before her time. My other gran was cool up until the final years when she was well in to her 90s and her marbles were starting to scatter. It also makes you think about your own choices, and how you choose to age, and what pursuits you want to chase in your "golden years".  I want my obituary to read that I went "kicking and screaming from this life" and not that I "went quietly and peacefully in to my final slumber".... I would want to be that gramma that breaks some rules, or that old guy that says enough of this life in a home where everyone thinks you are stupid just because you are old.  Gets you thinking.  I think there is some merit in joining up with like minded folks at a certain age, getting a house together, and hiring some help... the "homes" really don't look all that appealing... or who knows... making a plan with your kids about what happens next... what can work for families working together in a true sense.  Makes you wonder some days...

So this was like beach fluff.  Entertaining, not all that earth shattering, some nice coincidences to bring it all together.

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