Sunday, January 25, 2015

Maybe it is time to do things a little different...

It has been a good weekend.  The hours definitely went way too quickly, but isn't that always the way?

I have no regrets about starting C out in Hockey 1 this year.  It has truly been a journey in so many different ways.  It hasn't always been easy.  It has been about building his confidence, being consistent with a message of how to play, and how not to play, about curbing his tendencies to to try bring down other players to make up for his burgeoning skills, about dealing with coaches, about starting to get to know other parents, about the whole culture, and about being working parents who can't make every practise, even at this age.  I think this will be good for him - it has already been good for him.  This Friday night was their 'timbit' hockey night and they got to play in the first intermission of the RM Flames. It was a bit of a trip - a guy I went to elementary/high school kid is on the junior team, and my youngest is out there as a timbit - it goes to speak we all get to where ever "there" is on our own time - I  digress - you could see a spark being lit, and a little more understanding… it will be interesting to see how the rest of the year goes, and how much more he develops.  I am going to take an hour off every friday afternoon to get him to practise, almost on time.  It is a sprint for me - but I have learned that the games start now, and if I don't really want him to fall behind (yes already), take advantage of the ice time we do have.

I also got to see some of my old, dear friends for brunch on Saturday.  It was great.  It humbles me this choice to move back here, that it was the best decision for Ken and I, and our family.  In ways I never would have envisioned three years ago. Our lives are better. It feels as the weeks slip by, we are slowly becoming more and more a part of this community, and it seems that my older friends are becoming a part of our future.  Amazing.

Took B to riding - and he is doing well.  Four trots this session, and I was happy to discover one of his lead walkers is a farrier.  How cool is that?  She is a very cool woman.  B is in good hands and it is breathtaking to see him on the horse, gaining confidence, becoming a different version of himself.

Then I got out to a movie with my BFF.  We sawAmerican Sniper. It was a powerful movie. Makes me want to call one of my other oldest and dearest and just tell her and her hubby they rock, and are loved, and just a little more understanding and appreciation for the bond that they have forged.  Great night.  There is nothing in the world like your oldest friends that knew you when you were young. We should all be so lucky.

Today has also been a good day - who needs to relax, right?  B had physio this morning, and then we sent her out with hubby and watched their 8 month old.  It was great. He is a really happy kid, and it was a real pleasure.  Then a wee bit of shopping, drop B's adapted bike off for a service (and the shop is owned by an old friend from high school), dropped books at the library, and then home.  C and I cleaned up some yard waste, broke down some old, rotting bifold doors (garbage guy is going to love me for the next few weeks), and then went for a walk.  Then dinner.  Then baths.  Then books.  Then laundry. Dishes, and making a dessert for tomorrow night and for lunches for the week. Called my mom.  Catching up here and rambling on.  My earl grey tea is getting cold.  Speaking of which, it does have to be Twinings Earl grey.  It truly does make a difference. I am that picky.  I like my coffee really hot and strong with a crop dusting of cream, and I like me my Twinings E.G.. Persnickety in my 40s am I.

So back to the post title.  Speaking of seeing the BFF.  It helps to have known each other through so many tempests, trials, and tribulations.  Last week was a great success around the house. Partly because I was consciously trying to do it differently.  I am trying to make shifts in my own behaviours to start changing some outcomes.  We were talking about our different challenges, and the comment about this particular topic, and it was about doing it differently this year, or time around.  I had to agree.  It has been on my mind too.  You don't change cycles or pattens of behaviour without effort.  It feels like I am returning to a place in my life where I can be more aware, and make some shifts, and start to talk about it again. Although "it" could truly mean money, my weight, balancing priorities, making myself count, making time for Ken, making time for friends, different experiences with the kids - allowing them to have experiences with their friends… I guess in some ways allowing my and our world to start to grow a bit again.  It feels like coming through something, and I think part of the next steps involve doing things a little differently - maybe looking at the same problem from a different angle, or place, or voice. It does make you stop and think.

This week I would love to get another 150 pages of Shantaram read - I think I have had it about 10 days and have managed to make it through 212 pages so far.  It has caught me off guard.  I didn't expect to like it, and I am loving it.  It is nearly a 1000 pages long, and I think it will take me about 3-4 weeks to finish.  Talk about a book that is worth the money and the time you spend on it.

I also want to finish off the pair of socks that I am making myself before the Superbowl game.

I want to get in three walks at work, and leave at 3:30pm on Friday again, as planned.

I want to have calm mornings, and keep up a not so crazy house this week.

I want B to make both karate, and C to make both of his hockey practises, and at least one walk/bike ride over the weekend.

I hope to get the kitchen floor swept, and the bathrooms cleaned, and laundry put away before I go to work tomorrow.  Although once you stop for a few minutes, it is hard to get motivation flowing again.  We shall see how this week pans out.

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