Wednesday, July 10, 2013


What, I turn 40 and weeks start to go even faster?  What is up with that.  I have written a great any posts (in my head of course), and read a few books, and I have even started to jog a few miles here and there.  I figured I would start with a catch up post, and then likely I will work some "time" magic and post backwards at list the books I have read since I last posted in early June.

The biggest thing for me is that I have finally decided to fix one of the main disconnects in my life - that is to get more physical activity - for stress relief, to connect with my body again, of course to lose weight, but also to just feel better.  I think this has been a process that I have been working up to since last September, and it is finally coming together.  I have started a run/walk 10 km program like the one I did for the Sun Run in 2002 (OMFG that was a lifetime ago).  It really does start with just putting one foot in the front of the next and just going for it.  It helps I am walking a lot more at work, and it really wasn't that big of a leap that first week.

Of course, these 13 week programs start you off fairly gently with a 30 second run and then a 4 minute/30 second walk.  For the first half of the training, you go up by 30 second increments until your body can handle less breaks and more "runs".  I am more of a plodder, but I am slowly getting there.  It feels great to be doing this - I am doing it.  I haven't not been able to make 3 runs a week, and I am not almost done my 6th week of training! 

I am not out to set any speed records, I am out to beat personal bests (considering I think I can run more now at 40 than I could at 16 that isn't hard) and to just do it, for me, for my family.  I am running at 5:30 am, and I like it.  What has happened.  I am channeling my family heritage and embracing mornings.  I kind of like them, it is almost a secret.  We are having an awesome summer, and running at 6am, before everyone is out, and it is just the hint of a warm day, it is pretty magic.  I feel lucky to be out there.  I am also finding strange an unusual things on my jogs: sunglasses, a blackberry charger, a man's watch, and some mini levels.  Strange.

The running is my exciting change. The weather is also awesome.  I can't remember a July starting off this nicely.  My little peanut is now 4, and my big guy is almost 7.  We are planning his first birthday party with friends and he will be going gold panning.  I am happy to be embracing some of our BC heritage at Fort Langley.  We even get to have a bonfire!! Now how cool is that? 

Did I mention B and I also picked 34 pounds of berries and I made 15 jars of strawberry jam?  Seriously, it just seems the weeks are going by so fast.  It is either Friday, or Monday.  Or garbage day.  I guess that is the next honey do to cross off of my list tonight as I wait for ICBC to answer the phone.  The ongoing saga with my vehicle.  Still not fixed.  Still not happy with the business doing our repair.

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