Sunday, June 30, 2013

Back to the travelling pants

I have read all of the books, except for the fourth, and I am not quite sure why.  Maybe it came out in the middle of me having my kids.  A few things happen culturally during those early years that I am still oblivious too.  Then again, maybe I did read it and it just didn't sink in as much as the first two books did.

This was a total summer read for fans of this series.  I loved the first few books, and then they just flowed, and now this one.  I really enjoyed the female friendships, the angst of growing up, and even now, the angst of growing up.  I have read about these girls for a decade and it is like reading a Nora Roberts book (since I started reading those when I was 15).. it is a little bitter sweet, maybe not always intellectually stimulating, but enjoyable. 

I suspect another book in this series to continue the story, I was a bit surprised how some of the storyline evolved, sad how one thread ended, and happy how another thread ended (avoiding a few spoilers here just in case).  All in all, a lovely, light-hearted read that suited the moments when I read it.

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