Friday, June 14, 2013

The missing tale

This is a book I have tossed and turned about whether or not I really wanted to read it, and I was quite happy when one of the ladies in my book club said she wanted to read it.  I happily put in my order through an online bookseller (is there any other way?).

Seeing as I am working some date magic with these posts, it has been a few weeks since I finished reading this book.  I enjoyed it.  More than I thought I would, and it felt like the kind of book you read with your ankles crossed by a fire, a mug of tea, and your cat hanging about.  The characters are quite lovely, and there are parts of the story that seem to not move so much, but overall, a decent read.  I think what will stick with me are some of the Gothic titles I haven't read yet that this work owes a few nods too (like Wilkie's Woman in White).   I enjoyed how things came together in the end, but I didn't find it all that tense and mystical about the 'ghost'.  Definitely interesting, but I somehow think when I reflect back on a year's worth of reading, these characters are not going to be the first ones clamoring for my attention.

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