Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pink Eye

I can't say I would want a do-over for today, but it could have been a better day.

Looks like Brandon has pink eye (caught from his group daycare) and we were called to pick him up. He is the 6th kid to catch it from his class.

Needless to say, we got Connor checked out as well, and so far so good, he doesn't officially have it yet, but one ear is a little red. *SIGH*

Ken rolled his ankle and is limping, I have my heel pain, and my eyes were crusty too. What a lot we are! All a wee bit off, snuffly, and just not at 100%. This is a great week for it to be a short week.

Work has been a mixed bag - it has had a really interesting vibe lately. I find some parts of my job really rewarding, and some parts have felt like a real grind. I feel like I am getting somewhere, and I feel like I have to second guess myself too. Since I was somewhat called out, I have reflected some, and parts just don't feel all that justified, and for parts, what I observe what else is going on, feel completely unjust. I have felt a shift within myself, what I am willing to do, the lists I am going to make to chart my own progress, and just pausing a little more to try to be more reflective too. I feel like am on solid ground in some aspects, and quicksand in others. I also feel like every time I look up, it is Friday again, and that another week has already slipped by. Time is just flying.

Weaning has gone better than I expected. Overall Connor has been great to put to bed. I cannot wait for my body to adjust, and for my damp chest to a thing of the past. It is a great feeling to have no regrets about breast feeding, and to not feel like looking back. It was a great chapter, and one I am truly glad to be moving on from.

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