Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Deja Vu

I must admit there is a certain joy when you "discover" a new author and realize that they have at least 20 books under their belt for you to read.

However, when you start tracking what you are reading (like I am this year), it makes it pretty obvious what appeals to your reading tastes. It is always sad when you reach the end of an author's canon and you have to wait for them to produce more work! LOL. I am thoroughly enjoying Robinson's books. Great mystery thrillers, with just enough details and great plots. This one was no different.

I called this post "deja vu" since as I was reading the first few chapters of The Summer that Never Was it felt like I had read this story before. I had to flip through a few pages to see if this was right. Then I remembered reading Tana French's book earlier this year, and there is a passing resemblance between these two books. That being said, Robinson's came out first {LOL}. Now French's book doesn't seem as unique in retrospect, and since In the Woods left me with questions, and this one left me will some answers from what I have read in this series and has more books to read... well... I suspect a few more Robinsons' before I pick up another French.

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