Saturday, August 28, 2010

just a moment

I feel the urge to vent. I will admit, I did buy it in the "as is" section, and it was a decent deal... but I am pretty much done with IKE@ furniture. Under duress I will admit my coffee table and tv stand from there are decent (they are real wood) but I am not feeling the love for the dresser I bought for Brandon back in the day.

I guess the kicker is that I love the look of it - the downside is that I hate that parts of it are pressed board (wouldn't have guessed that when I bought it) and have already chipped, and that two of the drawers aren't staying in their brackets anymore and always look off kilter. Even "as is" it wasn't cheap, but it is acting cheap. Pisses me off.

So I was cruising craig$list to see what was about (amazing what people actually want money for) - not really looking, but not really not looking either more out of frustration with having to deal with the dresser. It reminds me of that song, she ain't pretty... she just looks that way... See, this dresser looks sturdy and well made, but nope... that is just the gloss and it pisses me off because I thought I was making a purchase that would see Brandon through to teenager-hood at least. I would have done better through a different catalog. In the very least, as I mentioned above, I need to work some magic on it to get it to a place that doesn't frustrate me on a daily basis.

On a total aside, I discovered the Lee Child "Reacher" series of books earlier on this year. I suspect that I will have read the entire series before Christmas. I get my teeth in to one of the books and it is done within 3 or 4 days.. which is saying something when you factor in family, work, and sleep!! I am already on book 5 (which may be done tonight... tomorrow at the latest)... at least he has written 15 so far... I still have a chunk to go... I have also been really enjoying Peter Robinson's books too... I feel like I have been striking a good balance between my literary and my suspense/action novels lately.

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