Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Strange Tuesday.

Connor seems to be full on teething this morning and was miserable. It was also my morning to drop him off at daycare, and he was crying and clinging to me. It is amazing how strong he is as I pried his fingers off of my shirt and got ushered out of the house ASAP. I ran out, waving my arms and yelling out "tylenol if he needs it" ... seems to be my son gets teeth in groups. At 8.5 months, he had no teeth. At 10 months, he had 6 teeth. Now, at closing in on 14 months.. he still has 6 teeth, but lots of puffiness. We have a long way to go yet with this teething train.

Finished my book off last night and it was really good. I would recommend Where the Heart Is and I am glad the Nej told me not to give it away - I was just really unsure about it and I am glad I followed her advice. A totally different book about the heart of America, one scene I could have done without since it didn't seem to do anything for the book, but it was a good read, and a fast one!

This weekend felt like true end of my mat leave. No more work for 4 weeks and then get 2 weeks off again. Now it is just holidays to look forward to, and weekends! I had to make a few lists so I could keep track of some of the stuff I really wanted to get done, and I feel satisfied that the big stuff got done. The outstanding stuff all seems to be around pictures and our computer(s) - backing them up, printing some out, and perhaps even doing some digital scrapbooking. I just need to nail down a routine enough that I can learn the ropes of DS, and then build in the time to work on it.

I can't believe how fast it seems things get scattered around our place. It cleans up fast, and I think it is because we have smaller square footage, and four of us living in it, but it does feel overwhelming at times. Especially when I forget and leave the cat kibble on the floor and my youngest starts to fling it around. I look forward to a bigger future, and two bathrooms.

Found out an old family friend passed on this morning, and had yet another strange conversation with my mom this morning. It seems our conversations get weirder and weirder as time goes on - I am not really sure how to talk to her where we both walk away feeling satisfied. I never would have imagined how much better I get along with my dad at this stage, that it is him that I can ask for favours and help, and I figure that the first response I will get from my mom is a no. We are trying to find someone to watch Connor for a few hours on the 28th and it seems to be a bit of an uphill battle. These are hard years (with really young kids) trying to get some solo, quality time with your spouse. Hell, even to create the opportunity to take one kid out to a cool experience and leave one behind is tough. I am sure it will sort itself out but it's amazing how you can have a relatively large family, and still feel so isolated in some ways, especially when everyone is going in their own direction.

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Nicole said...

I'd offer to watch C for you, but Shannon and I have dentists appointments that morning and then we're off to Kelowna - at least, that's the plan.