Friday, October 26, 2007

Postcard day.

Getting in my car this morning I couldn't believe that I am actually getting used to being in the car at 7am and not in between the covers, pretending I didn't have to get up soon.

It helps that we don't play snooze tag. That was a horrible habit to break, but looking back, it seems so senseless to torture yourself with the snooze tag game, bribing yourself for 9 more minutes of sleep, and altering the time so you weren't quite sure how fast your clock was to help motivate you out of bed. I guess when you realize that if you don't get in to work you don't get paid, it becomes enough motivation that you get your ass out of bed and shimmy up to the coffee gods to help pry those eyes open and make sure that you are alert enough for the ride in.

So, about the postcard moment. Today dawned crisp and clear with a full harvest moon slowly sinking in the midnight blue sky. It was a beautiful morning, with the painted skies of the east, and my breath hanging in the air. I love fall - the changing colours, the crispness (when we actually dry out some), and the unexpected warmth when the sun comes out. My new work place has so many more outside spaces, and windows, and better places for cheaper coffee (for that 3pm pick me up to get me through the day). I am getting out for more walks, and my legs warm up by the time I am halfway to my office from the walk in from the car. Quite a novel concept - I actually am aware of passing is kind of hard not to be when you get in to your car and it is still dark out!!!!

T G I F. And I know I am in the honeymoon period of getting to know new people at work, but I am with a good crew. We have a good vibe going on, and some laughs. I think we are pulling together as a team, and I have a new friend in the deal. Much more and better than I expected. Plus I got paid today, and the increase is nice. Of course, this coincides with the need for minor car repairs and tires. Funny how that works out.

Tonight Ken went to hockey and Brandon and I hooked up with some old friends at The Grill. Not nearly as good as our dinner at the Cannery a few weeks ago (how do you compare an Italian meal (I do pasta well, so does Ken) to a romantic gourmet seafood dinner, the view, and the food we enjoyed over the several hours we feasted) but the ambiance was good and they were well geared towards kids. I have forgotten what it is like to drive downtown - the traffic, the bloody construction, and the thinking that you found a shortcut which really takes you in and out through the west end in a damned Gordian knot. I also pulled off a parking stunt - I hate how little street parking there is (or any kind of parking) in the city, and being someone who hates to pay to park, and never has cash on them for a valet, I scored a sweet spot about a block away from the restaurant. Of course it was permit only. Which I have never had. I did however cross my fingers and hope that the parking gestapo had far better things to do than to ticket a car on a side ride, a little off the beaten track on a friday night in the city. Nothing like that big sigh of relief when you check the dash and you have gotten away with your parking job!!! And free parking to boot!!!

Traffic sucked coming home. A few events going on, and traffic was almost like rush hour. At 10:30 pm!!!! WTF??

I was also relieved that today is Friday. Brandon has not been sleeping well this week and it has made it a really long. long, long week for me. Tuesday night he was up so much I felt like a mack truck had plowed through me. I had a full on nap that day. I was knackered. I have been starting to put him down just after 8, you know, that process of a bath and bottle and rock and b'feed (although that is just about done now, sigh), and comfort, and books... and close to 10 is when he nods off. Then the wake ups with the teething, etc. And our colds (yes, I am going on a good whinge) but the nice spin off about going out tonight - he was asleep in the truck within 5 minutes of pulling away from the curb, and when I got home, it was about 2 minutes to sleep after I pulled off his pants and pulled up the covers.

Brilliant. The quiet time is glorious. I am going to go and dive in to my book. Tomorrow I am going to try to update Brandon's blog after we go out searching for the great pumpkin.

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Nicole said...

Heh. Yes, traffic. You should see my commute of Maple Ridge to Vancouver every day. I think I need to put together a telecommuting proposal over christmas.

Although, the sunrise was glorious yesterday. :)