Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Another series in which the second book really doesn't live up to the first or third in a trilogy

I enjoyed book 1, book 2 lost me a bit along the way, and this one was more of a page turner again that kept me entertained for the few days that it took me to read it.

This final chapter of the trilogy was fast-paced, and I enjoyed our three female lead characters much more (Charlotte, Melanie, and Dale).  The gloves were off a little more, more vulnerability, and more growth.  Different folks had learning circles close, and the female relationships were back again at front and center.

I think what I liked best about this series (besides women in leadership roles), was how it was peppered with how hard it is to balance any career with motherhood, and the prices that women pay in this precarious existence. This was fine summer reading for me. With the US presidential candidate nomination races going on - an interesting snapshot in to the political lives of the insiders, especially as a woman could be running for president next year, and given the impact terrorist actions have had in the last decade.

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