Thursday, April 30, 2015

Should I lament that this only a trilogy?

If the Magicians was good... this book was even better.

I have no idea how I truly ended up on a magical fantasy kick, but when the books are this good, it is hard to move on to other genres again.

This book focused on both Quentin and the crew in Fillory, and in providing Julia's back story and how she becomes a hedge witch (a witch that has not gone through the traditional route through Brakebills, she didn't make the cut in the exam and she wasn't supposed to remember the experience, but she did). The Magician King is a book that shows some pretty decent character development and growth, and there are times you do think that Quentin is really annoying, and the you don't like Julia very much.  Then you get to see them grow, and change through this novel, and by the end, you do have affection and care, because they aren't the persons they were at the beginning of this series.

I love that the characters go on quests in these novels, and that the whole point of going on a quest is the adventure and you have to go in to it with an open mind because you don't know what you are looking for until it has found you.  These stories also talk about how important it is to trust your instincts, and sometimes, to realize that you really aren't the chosen one, and that it is ok.  This is also a journey of acceptance, of pushing boundaries, of losing everything and rebuilding yourself, and of having never lost hope...

Note to self: I really must try to write these reviews after the I finish the books (yes I work some magic with the dates sometimes) rather than when I am completely immersed in the Magician's Land, thoroughly engaged in it, and madly trying to read it as quickly as possible to find out how things work out.

I have placed a hold on Book 3, and I have mixed feelings that this is only a trilogy, and therefore I only have about 400 more pages to go before the conclusion.  Sigh. See previous note to self.  I am bending my own time here.  Who I am kidding... I love this series.  What a total, welcome surprise. Up there with Potter and Narnia for me.  Will definitely get me thinking over time about these kinds of novels and the role that they play, especially as I am reading both Potter (with B) and the Narnia series (with C) and it all comes together nicely.

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