Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Morning Shenanigans

I think the last days of my 30s are speeding up beyond my control.  Next week, that 40s milestone looms and I am thinking about it, and in many ways thinking about it because it does feel a bit anticlimatic.  It may have to do with the ages of our kids, and the fact that life is generally pretty busy, and it does seem like I am on a pretty good treadmill sometimes.  Who knows.  Will be an interesting experience to blog through.

This last weekend went by way way way too quickly.  It was good, just no time for the wicked to rest.  Out for a kids playdate and hang out with their cool folks on Friday, and then Saturday breezed by between painting, riding, usual trip to the states, a little bit of chillaxing at night with my honey, and then Sunday blitzed by between chores, a lovely high tea with my mom for Mother's Day (yes, a little early, makes life easier), trip to the park, and then this morning, chores before work, getting the boys ready for the day, making lunches, organizing items for my dad to take to the dump, and then the sprint out the door.  At least it is now summer traffic mode and it was an amazing drive in today.

Both bathrooms are now painted with fixtures hung.  They look so much better.  A lovely terra cotta in one, and then "dragon fire" orange in the other.  Pretty stunning colours.  One more bathroom to go and then likely no more painting until next year or whenever we crack and replace the floor in our living room.  It is terrifically ugly and gets stained by a look.  *SIGH*.

This week is going to be a blur, B has a playdate tonight, and we have track and field, physio, karate, and on Friday night we rest, or I fall over.  The next big project will be to get my front flower bed looking better.   I would  love to get a handle on it this week and get this off of my "honey do" list.  We shall see how long my energy lasts.  I figure once my projects are completed, I will start training to do a 10 JOG (not run) this fall.

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