Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hidden gems

 There are some days I do feel pretty lucky both about where I work, and where my kids are able to go to elementary school.  I was able to join B's class on a local field trip to check out a totem pole that is in the process of being carved.  The totem pole depicts a thunderbird on the top, with a killer whale on the bottom.  The picture to the left shows the killer whale's blow hole, and the picture to the bottom shows the top of the pole looking down from the top of the thunderbird. 

It was pretty magic getting to see an actual totem being created, and to speak to the artist.  He shared some experiences with us, and shared quite a few of the tools of the trade as well.  Ironically, the red cedar log (which is about 650 years old) was pulled from a log boom in the Fraser River close to where we live! A very remarkable morning!

It also helps that the sun is shining and the wind has chased the clouds away.   It is amazing how much your overall mood can change when it is NOT raining.  It has been a decent week - that is except for forgetting about my book club meeting this week!  It was originally for Wednesday, and it got shifted to Tuesday night. So much for getting to talk about our latest book.  SIGH, I seem to do well when things are scheduled and I have a plan, but when things shift, my focus shifts.  I was so focused on getting B out to track and field, fed, and then home, I totaly forgot about the fun I could have with my book club ladies.  Next month eh? 

It has been great to leave the Winter behind us.  Spring feels like a renewal this year, for all of us.  It has also been interesting now that we are in our second year in our new place - it isn't so new any more, and we are making changes to both the yard, and we are planning on repainting bathrooms soon.  It feels more like ours, like we are building out future, if that makes any sense at all.

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