Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fueled by joe

Thank you, flavourful cup of joe.  I used to be proud I would only have one cup a day, albeit a very large cup.  Now, with my longer commute, slightly aging self, I have that first cup, and then a cup in the car for the drive in.  I have learned that I don't really need a mocha or a latte anymore... I just enjoy a good, hot cup of coffee with some cream in it.  Forget the skim milk, it does make a difference.  Yes, it is cream.. but I figure a few tablespoons isn't really going to hurt the old waistline compared to the lattes I was slurping back.

A few years ago I started getting up early so I could spend some time on the couch in the mornimg with my DH without the kids, and to have my cuppa joe.  When I used to commute with my mom, I can't tell you how many times I ended up with coffee down my blouse...not all that good of a look when you favour the white shirt.  Speed forward, commuting with the kids and being the driver.. I don't spill.  Hence, not only have I discovered cream (or half and half) rocks, but being the driver means you don't spill because you can anticipate hitting those bumps and adjusting for it.  The weird random things we pick up along the way in this journey called life.

I also must say, I am loving this fall.  The weather has been awesome.  Yesterday it was the perfect temperature to go for a walk - not too hot, not too cold.  A hint of a breeze, and the trees just starting to turn.  I am parking in a farther parking lot to save some $$ and to see what will work for drop offs and picking up the kids... although it adds some time to my day, I have been appreciating getting out for a walk... we will see when this good weather changes and the rains start again if I still feel the same way.  Speaking of which, this month is blasting by.  Hard to believe that was September and this is October.  September finished in ways I didn't anticipate, but I think it will be for all the best.  Now we are in October - month of Thanksgiving and Halloween, and again, we get at least a date night this month! YAY!!

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