Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Shakespearean something

This book took me weeks to finish.  When I searched for a picture to import, I cruised through a few reviews of this book that do a far better job of deconstructing the whys this book missed the mark than I will aim to do in the next few paragraphs.

As someone that read quite a bit of Shakespeare in my undergrad, I found myself drawn in to this novel.  However, I found that it was trying to hard to be the Da Vinci Code for Shakespeare.  There was a wake of bodies that Kate leaves behind her, and there were so many competing threads, past and present, that I really found this book hard to get through.  Some history, some theatre, some plot twists... parts are interesting, partly I stopped caring about some of the characters, now that I am done, I am quite relieved to be moving on to the next book.  It felt like I  had 100 pages left for a long, long time. I was so tired at night most of last week I was lucky to get through 5 pages before I had to put it down and close my eyes!  I asked my dear friend that passed this book to me if she had read the second one, and she answered no.  I suspect I know why now! LOL

On a total aside, I think I will officially have to retire my black flats after today.  Nothing worse than when a favourite pairs of shoes cracks along the bottom and then the pieces start to pull apart.  I have also been using "notes" on my iphone to make daily lists this week.  It is helping me feel  like I am at least making progress with my things I want/need to get done, but it just seems like that list is getting longer rather than shorter.  I am not quite sure why everything seems to be so busy this fall, but it is.  I have a week off in November, and I cannot wait.  This has been a SLOG.

Underlying this has been almost an overwhelming feeling - of expectations, of things to do, of battles to fight.  I had a meeting at B's school yesterday and I must admit that I left feeling emotionally manipulated.  I was told by the principle they wanted me to leave mad so I would advocate and move towards action, but I could have already told them that I was more than prepared to do so and didn't need the game to be played out at my expense. To say the least.  I am almost at a loss for words to describe how I feel.  Needless to say, in a nutshell, B is not getting the services he should have at this point, and I will have to fight for them through the local school board.  It is so brutal.  These are not the battles I expected to fight along the way.  Once I left the meeting, I just wanted to run and hide and cry.  I wish I could cry easier - it would make moments like that easier to have that release.  I then had to pull it all together and head back to work.  Working full-time and trying to balance everything is such an art.  An art I don't always feel like I have.  Hence, I am grateful this week for the notes function, so I can start listing all the bits of things that I need to get done so I can actually keep track of it all.

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