Monday, March 26, 2012

Just not at the same time....

Talking to other career moms, we are all tired. Time management of self and family, meal planning, not enough sleep, weekends passing too quickly, leftover laundry, and overwhelming lists is a pretty common theme. Talking to a fellow career mom, they cracked a joke about Shirley Maclaine saying in the 80s that women could have it all. The reality now in the 2010's... is that women can have it all... just not all at the same time.

Something has to give. After a full day of work, and picking up the kids, and then traffic, and then making dinner, and resting for a moment and trying to get caught up on everyone's day, and then avoiding dishes, and bath routines, and reading to the kids and hoping they fall asleep in a timely manner... there just isn't a lot left in the tank. For me, for my dear hubby, for the house... and we are back to time management, and making lists, and being organized. All the things I had no idea that I would become. Yet, by becoming those things, you can achieve so much more! It is an evil cycle. I am trying to fit in some physical exercise, and I am struggling to find the time (and the motivation). A few of my loved ones are making it happen, and I am just not sure where my time is going, because getting out for a jog is still an idea that hasn't become a reality. In a way, it is an excuse to say I am busy... but really, I am! This is the heart of this post - it isn't just about me whining (although you can definitely get a whiff of that in this post) it is more a reflection of how busy life is, and trying to fit in the things that matter.

I am grateful for my books, for being able to sit down and knit, for book club nights, and nights out with fellow moms... I am really grateful for date nights when they happen - when I can be away from my kids and with my husband at the same time! I am also really grateful for getaways, and for tax returns! For making things easier at this time of the year. HA HA.

Yes, this post is a bit of a whinge, but truly, mentally I have returnede to this thought a few times over the last few weeks "women can have it all, just not at the same time". It rings true. It is hard being a supermom, there are always frayed edges, no matter how hard you try. Some nights you crash out at 8pm and don't rise again until a new day. Some days you are a rock star, crossing off items like crazy off of your list and feeling like you can accomplish anything, and then there are the moments you come crashing back down. For me it has been all about adjustment. Realizing I don't have to do everything at once, about picking my battles, and not having a perfect house. Knowing that most jobs around the house can wait, and the biggest thing is that my loved ones know they are loved, even if I am not perfect all the time and don't always get a chance to reach out.

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