Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Damn coffee maker, didn't even make a year.

It was a year ago I lamented the slow decline and then demise of my espresso maker. I knew at the time, the next one wasn't going to be nearly as good.

In a gnarly voice "they don't make'em like they used too".....

So, after a little research, and a damn good deal on one of those big giant websites, we got a new cuisinart espresso machine. I must admit, I didn't love it from the start. It wasn't a positive change from our old one, but one I tried to embrace. It took a few months to get the hang of the machine, and my DH never did try. I think my initial hesitation to embrace the machine from the beginning was a deterrent. It was a pain in the ass to make coffee with - in the morning it would take about 15 minutes from start to finish to make my latte, and my patience was wearing a bit thin.

Last week was one of those weeks that had it's moments, and first thing Monday morning, the wand broke off of the machine. So all the machine could do now is pull an espresso shot. Lovely. I was pissed. We paid good money for a machine that you figured you would get a few years use out of... after all, I got 11 years out of a used machine the last time around!!! Not even a year with this one... Of course, this got me thinking. Really, at this point do I need to spend 15 minutes every morning prepping my coffee? In the past, fiddling with the machine was fun and I never did treat myself to a coffee out. Now, between working full-time and the family... I justify having coffees in the afternoon way more than I did in the past... hence the need for a home-made latte has decreased drastically.

After some deliberation, I cracked. No more espresso machine, hello Keurig! Making my environmental self happy, I did get the filter pod that you can buy so I am not always using the convenient little pods in the morning and throwing them after one use.... it arrived from airmiles yesterday (another bonus)... and this morning, my coffee was ready in under a minute.

Ah. I will register the machine so I can take advantage of the warranty if I need to. I am glad to not have to go through the muss and the fuss of making a latte now. I need enough second cups throughout the day, that a latte isn't so much of a treat that it used to be. A good, easy cup of coffee with some half and half in it.. life is good.

It does piss me off I have to hold on to receipts, and then advocate when products break down prematurely. Frustrating as hell when you think you are buying it right the first time. I also have to follow up about the bed we bought for C-man. It is already having issues on one side and is collapsing. Bah - this bed isn't even 4 months old!!!!!! It is a 35 pound kid sleeping in a captain's bed! I will save the rent for the bed giant. I am glad they stand behind their product, but they can't be making much money if folks like us have bought two beds and both beds have been warranty claims!!!

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