Wednesday, May 31, 2017


This is a really good book that I cannot remember what list I pulled it from. I try to read a range of books. Really, why get tied down to one type.  This book has also now been included as part of the three books that Stanford asks incoming grads to read over the summer before they evolve in to university students.


This novel is set as a series of short chapters.  Each chapter is a generation, and the novel is set following two family lines originating from one woman. One family line seems to have somewhat worse luck and ends up in America as slaves until they can achieve freedom, and the one family stays in Africa, not really free either.

Some big ideas, some moving chapters, a different appreciation, a good conversation with my book club ladies.

This is not an easy topic to tackle and I think it is well done.  I don't normally like short stories, but it worked for me within this novel.

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