Monday, August 6, 2012

The Back 40

I really value getting out in to nature.  When your kids are young, and there are a few barriers to actually covering ground by foot, we haven't been out in the wild as much as I would like.  One unexpected bonus of our move, is that we are getting out in to nature more all the time.  Ultimately we are closer to the back 40 than we are to the city now.  Whether it is a walk out on the local dykes, or to the parks, our out further in to the woods, we are getting out more.

In the move I somehow lost our kiddie backpack, and although a lot of the trails we have been traveling are pretty smooth, we haven't been taking the wagon anymore for the Don.  We have been out to Golden Ears, and to Kanaka, and a few parts in between, and I must admit, I have wondered how the Don would do.  Well, he has blown away all of my expectations and he has been amazing.  Today in the woods, it wasn't him that fell, it was me.  It wasn't him that was whining about being tired, it was his brother (I must admit, I just about lost it laughing when C-man dropped to the ground and kicked his legs in the air and told me how tired he was). 

 I am so proud of them both.  I am also so happy to be outdoors more.  It feels like I have been waiting to get back out in the woods for a long time.  Next year, way more camping.  This year, more Sunday hikes, more outdoor adventures.  This is a great trend!

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Notsocrabbyabby said...

I love it! Time in the woods is a priceless retreat that is for sure! Love the picture!