Tuesday, October 19, 2010

run away... run away!!!

FB is many, many things. It is hard to believe that less than 5 years ago, we could all survive without it, and now, we are hooked in to checking our status and peering in to everyone else's lives we have ever touched and are now remotely reconnected with.

I was quite weirded out yesterday. A few people from my junior high days have come back in to contact with me - for better and worse. I guess the nice thing about FB is that it is at a distance and you can see what is up, and then leave it at that. The part that weirded me out is that many of the girls I knew back then are grandmas. Yes, grandmas. Their grandkids are in some cases, older than my kids. We are all 37. O M F G. I just can't imagine.

The irony is that when we moved away from where I went to junior high to where I went to high school is that my old friends thought I was moving to the sticks and made fun of me - making jokes out of going cow tipping and teasing me about how much I would miss city life.

I look back now and I am grateful I got out when I did - I would like to think I was on the path to university and other options, but it was a rough junior high, and I think it was a fight for the kids who stayed there and went on to the local 11-12 high school to get out (if that makes sense). It was a rough area - lots of us started smoking then, fights at the school happened quite regularly, and now on FB, seeing a few of the girls I hung out with back then, they all seem to have a LOT of kids, and some with grandkids, they look like they have had a much different life than me and different sets of choices.

Makes me glad in a different way that I "grew" up in the valley, that my early years made me realize that there was life outside of the valley, and that I was able to take the best away from both worlds. I am glad that I continue to live in the burbs, that my kids will be (fingers crossed) going to a decent elementary school, and that hopefully as a result their peer group will be on a similar life path to them which will continue on to secondary and then on...I know they will rebel and do stupid shit, we all do, but funny how wanting that best life possible does happen at a truly young age.

Ironic too that if I got teased about going cow-tipping from one group of people, cow-tippers teased me about crossing the bridge to the city and not understanding the life outside of their valley existence.. different worlds, and then different worlds again.

The local rag is running a series about early childhood development and I do believe much of our child's future is established early on in life... and then in high school, where we are all subject to peer pressure, how prepared we are to deal with it, and where we are able to go to school all goes back to those early years. I don't begrudge my kids the time we have spent cosleeping or cuddling, or all of the adventures that we have, I am grateful for it since these first few years go by so damn fast as it is, I want to hold on to them as best as I can. Although I can admit, I am looking forward to having our bed back and it being a special occasion when the boys do join us rather than a nightly occurrence..

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