Monday, April 26, 2010

a small victory of sorts..

Today was a today of little milestones with Brandon.

We acquired a motorized Jeep for him, and he paid his first case of beer to a friend of ours to fix it. Welcome to a lifelong habit...

I finally broke and took him for a real haircut. I started cutting it and realized I was a little afraid of making a real mess of it - I don't want it too short, he has a cowlick, and I really don't want the front to look like a bowl cut. So, down the hill we went for a real hair cut. It felt strange pointing out to the barber that Brandon had a shunt and I really didn't want his hair too short around it, but the moment passed painlessly and away we went. Brandon did awesome. No crying or fussing, but I did hold his hand. It was sweet.

To top it off, he did walk his way in, and walked his way out. No stumbling, no falling, and pretty much no hand holding. This is a small victory of sorts - his walking has come so far in my year off. I was proud of him for how he did getting his hair cut (he looks like such an old boy... I love the longer hair do, but when he says it itches and it is in his eyes, it is time for a cut) and for how well he is walking - he didn't want to hold my hand... he really wanted to do it on his own. YAY for Brandon!

I also learned an important lesson about plating food for my almost-four year old. He loves roast beast, and gravy... but he tends to load up on the potatoes and "lava" and then is too full for anything else. So, I arranged the food so the potatoes made a nice volcano, carrots for rocks scattered around, and bits of roast beast in the lava that was in splotches everywhere. Funny enough, he ate everything!

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